Dream Idols – The year in review of the boys everyone seems to be talking about!

The Dream Idols are fast becoming a phenomenon

The Dream Idols launched in 2012. Less than six months ago. So how is it that in that short space of time they have become the name on everyones lips, selling out venue after venue wherever they go, Working with Hollywood stars, hitting our TV screens and national Mags and Newspapers and packing out the West End every week?

We look back on a Year that has seen them rise to become one of the most talked about group of boys in the UK. Bari Bacco is the Genius behind the Dream Idols. In fact it would be fair to say that Bari Bacco is the genius behind Male Glamour groups in general (in the UK). He started the first one over 25 years ago after watching the legendary Levi’s laundry commercial. Back then they were called the Dream Boys. Fast forward 25 Years and many adventures later and he decided to reinvent the whole genre with the Dream Idols. Not just a group of hunky good looking men with great bodies, but a group of lads with personality, charm, and character with great looks and bodies too. What Bari Bacco created in essence was a kind of One Direction Glamour act. They have been called ‘The new Monkies’ and we think if the Monkies took their kit off they would be the Dream Idols.

This unique blend not only got them a sponsorship deal with Boyle Bingo, but it also brought them to the attention of Lionsgate. Who looking to promote their new film ‘Magic Mike’ saw the opportunity the Dream Idols presented to drum up some great PR.

Dream Idols with Channing Tatum on ITV's This Morning

The Dream Idols took the Magic Mike Premier by storm with all the celebrities seeing them as a way of garnishing some more column inches.

Dream Idols pose with other celebrities at Magic Mike Premiere

Before Magic Mike Premiere The Dream Idols appeared on This Morning with Channing Tatum.

Press and celebrities flock around the Dream Idols at the Magic Mike Premiere

Dream Idols with Louis Spence

Dream Idols with Louis Spence

Dream Idols with Lauren Goodyer

Dream Idols with Lauren Goodyer

Dream Idols with Tony Discipline from Eastenders

Dream Idols with Tony Discipline from Eastenders

Dream Idols bring the house down at the Magic Mike premiere with a live performance

Many would of thought at this point, that the steam would surely run out of the Dream Idol train and they would disappear into relative obscurity as many of these types of acts do, Or at least settle down a bit. That however proved to be far from the truth. With Magic Mike secured (and Lionsgate so impressed with their attraction and appeal to the public that they immediately wrapped them up for the DVD Launch) They continued to move from strength to strength. Knocking on their door was Dance Nation TV who brought the boys in to introduce their more raunchy videos to the world.

Perhaps it Was their mega Sexy version of Call on Me by Eric Prydz with the original star Deanne Berry that gave the media an idea of just what these boys could do. One thing was obvious from the moment that video hit Youtube everyone could see this was a slightly different cup of tea to all that had gone before.

A few people in our office think the Dream Idols version of Call on Me is better than the original. Watch for yourself and make up your own mind. Sexy is an understatement.

Dream Idols pose with Deanne Berry after their video shoot.

Dream Idols pose with Deanne Berry after their video shoot.

Deanne Berry flew to London to work with the Dream Idols on their version of Call on Me

The boys now well known and loved by all areas of the UK media went on to exploit their popularity for a good cause by raising money for charity at a celebrity football match with Hollywood Hunk Tamar Hassan and many other celebrities. Once again breaking the mold the boys proved they could appeal not just to screaming girls but to young male fans as well.

Dream Idols celebrity soccer special

Dream Idols celebrity soccer special with Tamer Hassan

Dream Idols celebrity soccer special with Tamer Hassan

As the Dream Idols continued to grow so did their fanbase. An army of mostly women whom have come to be known as Idolets. Firstly they packed into Aura in Mayfair selling out every show. Their fans hail from all over the world too.

Dream Idols idolets fans at Aura Mayfair in London

Dream Idols idolets fans at Aura Mayfair in London

Dream Idols fans called Idolets watch as they perform at Aura Mayfair in London

Dream Idols fans called Idolets watch as they perform at Aura Mayfair in London

The massive demand for the boys became so much another London venue needed to be found. Not just any venue but a British clubbing brand famous all over the world. PACHA is up there with Ministry of Sound as a British and global Clubbling Brand and they saw the potential of the Dream Idols right away. Three times the size of Aura many wondered if the Dream Idols would be able to sell out this big venue. No problem. The Dream Idols have consistently sold out Pacha in London almost from day one.

Dream Idols sell out Pacha in London every week

Dream Idols sell out Pacha in London every week

The Dream Idols Live Experience at Pacha London is fast becoming legendary with an atmosphere that has to be seen to be believed. Their unique show engages their audience and it’s like one huge house party!

Even with their hectic live commitments the boys still find time to do many other things and with the demand from celebrities and brands they find themselves always in the public eye. During 2012 they also found the time to make another video too. Their take on Call Me Maybe highlighted why they have been called the New Monkies:

Meanwhile, Week after Week they continue to sell out venues in the West End.

Dream Idols celebrity host Jonny from the TV Show Take Me Out

Dream Idols celebrity host Jonny from the TV Show Take Me Out

Dream Idols sell out West End Clubs

Dream Idols sell out West End Clubs

Dream Idols 'idolet' fans go crazy at every show

Dream Idols ‘idolet’ fans go crazy at every show

The Dream Idols continue to capture column inches. Articles with Kerry Katona and James Ingham in National magazines and newspapers highlighting their popularity with the British public:

Dream Idols pose with Kerry Katona after a photo shoot.

Dream Idols pose with Kerry Katona after a photo shoot.

Dream Idols pose with Kerry Katona for Love it Magazine

Dream Idols pose with Kerry Katona for Love it Magazine

Dream Idols hit the Sunday Star with Columnist James Ingham

Dream Idols hit the Sunday Star with Columnist James Ingham

There seems to be no sign that the boys popularity is fading. In fact it is the opposite. Their fame is growing not just in the UK but overseas in France, USA and even Asia. Celebrities can be found at their shows and rumor has it they will be gracing our TV screens in 2013 on a regular basis. Chinese star Ayi Jihu has also reportedly worked with Dream Idol Ollie on her knew promo video due for release in Feb 2013.

Chinese Star Ayi Jihu with the Dream Idols at Aura Mayfair

Chinese Star Ayi Jihu met the Dream Idols while shooting a show for China which included the boys.

The Future looks incredibly bright for the Dream Idols Tommy, Billy, Lorenz, Ollie and Lewis. All of the lads have their own unique charm and appeal to the fans. 2013 Will see the boys move up a notch with a brand new show and set as they look to solidify their position in the West End and move out across the world. They have already gone places no Male Glamour act have gone before. Could they go one step further and become mainstream? If Anyone can do it The Dream Idols surely can.

Bari Bacco is surely a genius but we wonder if even he saw all of this happening with the Dream Idols.

Bari Bacco founder and creator of the Dream Idols

Bari Bacco founder and creator of the Dream Idols

For more information about the Dream Idols visit their website www.dream-idols.com

To book Tickets to their West End show go here.

Follow the boys on Twitter @Dreamidols1

Keep up with the boys on Facebook here.

Follow us @globalNewsInk

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Dream Idols and Celebrity Columnist James Ingham Perform Magic Mike at Pacha

Dream Idols Daily Star Article
<a href=”https://baribaccodreamidols.wordpress.com/2012/11/19/dream-idols-and-celebrity-columnist-james-ingham-

Dream Idols with James Ingham Daily Star Columnist Do Magic Mike at Pacha

Live at Super club Pacha London on the 17th of November.  Over 500 screaming girls in attendance.  Usual Fair for the Nations top male glamour group The Dream Idols, but totally new ground for Daily Star Celebrity Columnist James Ingham. He is used to writing about such things, this time he is about to take part in it.

So the Fab Five, just for one night where turned into the Super 6. GlobalNewsInk was there to get the inside scoop and see if all the weeks of training with the boys had paid off. Would it be a roaring success or a terrible debacle? Watch the video below and see for yourself.

Before the show James was very nervous at rehearsals.

James Ingham, Pictured in the center, is nervous ahead of the Magic Mike performance with the Dream Idols later at Pacha.

However it seemed to be the Dream Idols and not James making little mistakes as they played around a bit. Rehearsals went well and all parties seemed ready to go for the big night ahead.

The playful Dream Idols before the Magic Mike show with James Ingham

Choreographer Ryan Jenkins made sure the playful Dream Idols were all business and got everybody firing.

James Ingham and the Dream Idols are put through their paces by Choreographer Ryan Jenkins ahead of the their Magic Mike performance at Pacha in London

We spoke briefly with Daily Star Columnist James Ingham just before the show and he told us he did not want to make mess of it. We feel he did a great job.

James Ingham chilled out backstage with some of the Dream Idols before the show at Pacha.

For more information on the Dream idols visit their official website www.Dream-Idols.com

Follow us @GlobalNewsInk

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Dream Idols show is big hit in London’s West End

The Dream Idols have sold out every show in their new residency at Aura Mayfair since they started 2 weeks ago. Now approaching their third week at Aura and the interest shows no signs of dampening. They are sold out for the foreseeable future at Aura. The management of Dream Idols have been overwhelmed by the response to the shows and have told Global News there are still tickets available as they kept some back for each show just in case. There are not many so if you want to go contact them now.

Founder and Manager of the Dream Idols Bari Bacco has told Global News he is ‘over the moon’ with the reaction to Dream Idols and that this has been a long time coming for him after 25 years of hard work.

Now with their residency about to start at Pacha the heat is set to be turned up even higher in the West End with Dream Idols live on Thursday at Aura and Saturday at Pacha.

The Dream Idols have attracted some star names to their shows and are surprised that they have had a good audience of men too. Billy Dream Idol told Global News that ‘it seems the guys have figured out that all the hot girls are at Dream Idols so they come along too’.

Chinese star Ayi Jihu, Who was at their Aura Mayfair launch told Global News ‘The Dream Idols are so much fun to watch.’ When we asked who was her favorite she declined to say, but she is known to be friends with Dream Idol Ollie.

You can see some of the pictures of the Dream Idols launch at Aura Mayfair in the slide show below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now everyone is waiting for the first Dream Idol show at Pacha where they have almost sold out the 600 capacity venue. We asked Bari Bacco what he thought the differences would be between the shows at Aura and Pacha?

“Pacha is a bigger venue and we have a bigger stage and more room to maneuver. Aura is more intimate and close. Outside of that the shows will be the same. It’s all about attracting different types of people. Pacha as a brand has a huge following around the world so it’s a great step for the Dream Idols. Aura also has a great profile attracting celebrities where people can rub shoulders with them. It’s early days yet but we like the fact that our fans have a choice of two fantastic venues”.

You can find out more about the Dream Idols and book tickets here.

follow us on twitter @GlobalNewsInk

Shlepp Entertainment Ltd

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Why Everybody loves the Dream Idols? – Up close and personal with the boys

It has been less than 3 months since the launch of the Dream Idols and in that time they have changed the landscape of ‘Strip Tease’ and Male Glamour drastically.  From Film to TV these boys are in great demand working with giants such as Lionsgate and international stars such as Channing Tatum.  They are also on  UK TV favorites like ‘This Morning’.  Has stripping gone mainstream?  Or is there just much more to these boys than purely getting your kit off? They have been called ‘The New Monkies’ and the ‘Spice Boys’ so we decided to get behind the skin of the Dream Idols and find out a little more about the boys for you. BILLY Billy is the spiritual leader of the Dream Idols.   A Gemini whose favorite colour is ‘Baby Blue’ which matches his nick name Billy Blue Eyes too.  His playful nature sometimes hides a deep thinker whose favorite movie is ‘The Shawshank Redemption’.  Billy is a Brief not a Boxer wearer,  he feels they make everything look good.   When looking for a woman he checks out the height first,   Billy ain’t the tallest so he does not want to stand on a box to kiss his gal.   That aside personality plays the most important part and he likes a woman with strong morals and a good work ethic. When it comes to music he likes to think he is eclectic.   However nothing beats MJ the king of Pop.   He never gets bored with MJ. When he is on the stage he loves to feed of the energy of his fellow Dream Idols and the vibe of the crowd.   He feels blessed to be living his dream and puts everything he has into every performance.   When we gave him three wishes he asked for 1. Unlimited wishes (typical Billy) 2. The ability to retain information instantly  3. He would love to make the weather in the UK better.   A perfect date would be a fun day out at Alton Towers followed by a 5 star meal then a DVD and Snuggle on the sofa.  When he is alone at home Billy likes to keep the place clean, and loves to cook and when he is not doing either chill on the sofa or in bed with a good movie.   A big fish eater Billy loves his prawns, salmon and lobster.  That does not mean a good steak wont go down well.   Dessert he is a sucker for (like most English men), but Crème brûlée is one of his favorites.  A man with no pets Billy’s Dream is just simple happiness, or to be and feel happy no matter what he is doing.  When he does hit the town A Vodka Red Bull Disaronno and coke is his preferred tipple and when he is out a Vanilla milkshake is heaven.   When we asked him where he would love to go and why he said “To the Lottery Office to pick up my Euro Millions cheque.” Billy loves being a part of the Dream Idols and has a great laugh when he is with the other boys. ‘It’s the highlight of his week when the boys get together’ he says. LORENZ The Italian Stallion, Lorenz brings the Latin flavour to the Dream Idols.   Another blue-eyed boy, Lorenz ‘loves’ under the Aquarius star sign.   His love of Italian history (especially Roman)  means ‘Gladiator’ is his favourite movie and when it comes to Boxers or Briefs he is not fussy. It all depends on how the mood takes him that day.  When he meets a woman he is focused firmly on the eyes. That is what draws him in or gets his attention more than anything else.  When it comes to music he makes his choice based on his mood and that can change from rock to rap or chilled out opera, it all depends on how he is feeling and he likes to choose music to reflect his mood at the time.  When he is on stage he loves the part when he is looking at himself in the mirrors he says…jokingly.  He also says the bigger the crowd the bigger the rush. When given three wishes his answer reflects the traditional Italian boy who resides within.  Good health, Happiness and a great lifestyle.   His idea of a perfect date is whatever feels right on the day and left to himself he likes to read and meditate.  When it comes to what he like to eat its ‘Mama’s home cooking’, nothing beats that.  A man with no pets of his own he would love to have a dog and later on dreams of owning horses.  His favourite drink is a good glass of red wine,  not a surprise given he is Italian and they know good red wine.  He loves to travel and having been most places has Vegas on his list of next visits.   He loves the energy that happens when the boys get together and the joy they give to the fans.   He believes this is a great blessing and a great gift. LEWIS Green eyed Lewis is like the baby of the group and he is the one that always seems to have a smile on his face.   A Scorpio he shares Billys love for the movie’ Shawshank Redemption’. Briefs are for Lewis not Boxers and like Lorenz a great set of eyes are what he finds attractive in a woman.  He loves his Soul music.  Being the singer in the group and a working towards one day putting out his own music, Lewis tends to take his Soul music very seriously.  This is reflected in his Three wishes. 1.To get a Recording deal. 2. To write the best-selling record of all time. 3. To have a happy family. If you question him about the perfect date his is quick with his answer.  ’Great company and great food’, that is what floats his boat.  When he is at home he gets back to his passion; Soul and singing,  playing his guitar or his piano, writing music.   Nothing is better than a nice Pizza for Lewis, he could eat three whole ones by himself.  His pet dog is called Kia and it’s a Rottweiler.  His all time dream is to get a number one song and he plans to make that dream a reality.   When he goes out Gin and Tonic is his flavour and when he gets a moment he likes to go to the Caribbean to vacation.   For him the boys are family and he loves being with them.   He loves the fact that they are like brothers and watch each others back.  When asked how he feels about them he says ‘I love them all!’ TOMMY The tallest of the Dream Idols and known for his crazy comments Tommy’s favourite colour is red and he is a full on Aquarius.  Not known for staying awake when there is sleep to be had he tends to fall asleep even watching his favourite movie ‘Hook’, dreaming of himself as Peter Pan.  When it comes to Briefs or Boxers he sits firmly in the Boxer camp,  he likes to give his bits room to swing around.  Lorenz and Lewis both go for women’s eyes and Tommy is no different.  Eyes tell him everything he needs to know about a woman. Hip Hop and R&B are Tommy’s thing.  That is the music he loves the most.  When he is on stage he loves the adulation of the women especially when they call his name.  When it comes to his three wishes it gets a bit more serious.  1. For his father to be well again 2. For Spurs to win the Premiere League (some things are just impossible Tommy)  3. For the Dream Idols to become as big and famous as he hopes.  On that score he is already well on the way to one of his wishes being fulfilled.   A perfect date is a nice meal and a drink so he can get to know someone better and to top it off a little bit of slap and tickle would not go amis.  When he is alone he enjoys walking around naked, so ladies get your binoculars out and go to 73……. (you wish right)?   All joking aside a DVD and a nice bottle of wine in front of the telly is good for Tommy.   He loves Mexican food especially Tacos and although his dog Buster is always sniffing around when he eats them he does not give in and give him any.   A true product of the times Tommy dreams of fame.   When he hits the town Disaronno and Coke is what he likes to drink.   When the time comes for Tommy to go on vacation he wants to head to Vegas for the bright lights, party nights and to also have a flutter. Spending time with the boys is like being with family and he loves the banter and fun they have. OLLIE The consummate pro Ollie  seems to be just ahead by a nose in the Dream Idols eye candy Idolets survey.  Only by a nose mind, as all the boys have their own army of Idolets.   An Aries who loves the colour pink and whose favourite movie is ‘Van wilder party liaison’ tells its own story.   There is much more to Ollie than meets the eye and there is quite a bit to meet the eye too.  Ollie is a Brief man,  he is cool with Boxers though.  When it comes to women he loves a kind face.  He takes in the whole face and that is what draws him in or sends him packing.  A firm lover of dance music tells you much about his ability to shake dat butt.  He is more aerobic than swaggerlishous lets say.   When he is performing he loves the personal eye contact and the buzz he gets from one on one looks from his fans.  When it comes to his three wishes he wished for: 1. Eat as much as he likes and keep his six-pack  2. have an endless supply of Nutella  3. to have 3 more wishes.  I think he and Billy have been conspiring. ‘Two girls’ is what Ollie considers the perfect date.  I feel he and most men would agree on that one.  However when he is not with ‘two girls’ (he wishes) he is at home on his Xbox chilling out saving the world from baddies.  A healthy eater his favourite food is sushi which he has to keep well away from his three cats; Astro, Willow and Chloe.   His dream reflects many when he says he wishes to do what he likes, when he likes and have the money to do it.   All we can say there is join the que Ollie,  it’s a long one!   He loves his SF Redbull (although I have to say i am not sure what the SF is and we felt embarrassed to ask). Ollie would love to take a trip around the world,  we did not ask him what mode of travel,  and we figure a hot air balloon would not be his style.   When asked what he enjoyed best about his fellow idols he replied;  ’The fact that I’m the best looking’.  That sums up Ollie, a joker to the end. THE FUTURE FOR THE DREAM IDOLS

The future for the Dream Idols looks very rosy.  With more TV, and Film collaborations on the horizon and a sell out at their Aura Mayfair residency weeks before the first show on 27th of September they are sitting pretty. Top that off with their Residency at the ultimate party brand Pacha  and you can see they are upwardly mobile.   The British press have taken to this merry band of boys like no other before them too and that bodes well.   The Dream Idols are not content though just to rule in Grand Britannia and they are surging forward spreading their brand overseas,   so watch out USA, Europe perhaps even China!? Keep up with the Dream Idols follow them on twitter @Dreamidols1 Check out the Official Dream Idol website. Find out more about Aura Find out more about Pacha FOLLOW US AT @GLOBALNEWSINK

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Kerry Katona has it all 5 men one date – With the Dream Idols!

Dream Idols did a REALLY super sexy shoot with Kerry Katona for LOVE IT! Magazine — we can’t reveal the details yet….have to wait until it comes out in a couple of weeks!!!  We will have exclusive behind the scenes pics for you then too.
Follow the boys on Twitter @DreamIdols1
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Idol Mania hits the Capital – Behind the scenes with the Dream Idols at Captial Radio and Heart FM

DREAM IDOLS Behind The Scenes at Capital & Heart Radio!

DREAM IDOLS set off to promote their West End Show and ended up being kidnapped by Capital & Heart Radio! A wild time was had by all and we had SUCH a blast! Thanks to everyone at Capital Towers for welcoming DREAM IDOLS and we will see you ALL at AURA Mayfair for the launch of our EXCLUSIVE residency on 27th September!

Follow them on twitter @DreamIdols1

Shlepp Entertainment Ltd

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Following his recent Las Vegas romp, many are wondering, “what Prince Harry is up to?” The pictures of Prince Harry having a good time with some friends in Vegas, and not wearing much, have been blasted all around the world.

Our thought is perhaps Prince Harry is experiencing “the Dream Idol effect.” The Dream Idols have taken the world by storm by breaking the boundaries of what a strip group should be, which as is turns out at least with the Dream Idols, is a lot more than stripping; it is touching a diverse group of lives in a positive manner.

The Dream Idols motto is, “make everyone feel good.” They go out of their way to make people happy; not just one particular, stereotypical demographic. Unlike other groups or acts of this nature there are real personalities present; real, approachable individuals that everyone can relate to. One only has to look at their last video, “Call Me Maybe,” to see that these gentlemen can engage a broad audience without taking themselves too seriously; they see the beauty in everyone and in each experience – and it is visible not only in their action, but in the reaction of those they are entertaining.

The fact that the Dream Idols take their clothes off has not drawn the majority of their fan base. It is who they are as individuals, how they work together as a group, and how they interact with everyone, that has caused them to become one of the fastest growing acts of their kind in the UK for quite some time. Only on the scene for a few months, they are already being referred in many areas as either, “The Spice Boys,” or, “The New Monkies.”

It cannot be denied that Prince Harry had a good time and some shmuck got his/her camera phone out and decided to make a quick buck. However, Prince Harry, just like anyone else, has a right to have a little fun. He is, in fact, just a young lad much like the Dream Idols and spends much of his time extending his kindness and generosity to his country and to others with grace and great sincerity. Less we forget his sterling efforts for the much heralded London Olympic Games.

The Dream Idols do what they can to bring a little fun and joy to people … and they take their clothes off. Prince Harry extends an enormous amount of time helping others and every now and then gets caught with his pants down. Although not certain if Prince Harry would ever consider joining the Dream Idols or doing a show with them, one has to really stop and ask, “would that be such a bad thing?” The Dream Idols have taken the sleaze out of strip and made it a truly uplifting experience for everyone at a time when, let us just be honest, we all need a means for another smile or bit of laughter.

Not being experts by any means, but it seems as though there might be too much emphasis placed on the negativity of all of this rather than the positive, and real aspect of the fact that we are, all of us, looking for balance in our lives. Young men will be young men. Do we judge them on the sum total of what they do and who they are, or on one or two blips? One can argue the pros and cons of a Prince of the realm and certain behaviors or perhaps naivety, additionally, one can argue the pros and cons of acts like the Dream Idols all day long. But one cannot argue that both do monumental great things for people; particularly Prince Harry. Therefore, perhaps this should all be reflection of the fact that we are all human


For more information on the Dream Idols goto www.Dream-idols.com

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